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Business Advancement - Skills Portfolio

Many small businesses cannot afford to employ an array of staff to cover all of the skills necessary to contribute to a successful organisation. Some employ a few ‘versatile’ people – the Jacks and Jills of all trades, which can work perfectly well for most of the time.

However, on occasion, a higher level of skill or experience is required and it is on such an occasion that businesses can tap into the Business Advancement Consultancy’s Skills Portfolio.

“We need to target market this product – how do we go about it?”

“I’ve created some Sales and Marketing material, but it’s just sitting here in boxes…. What’s the most effective method of distribution?”

“We want to attend an exhibition, but if I let my office staff attend, who is going to handle the enquiries in the office? If I keep some staff back in the office, who is going to man the exhibition stand?”

“We want to organise a prestigious event, but my staff are already stretched to capacity. I don’t want to put it out to an agency, because I want to retain control. What can I do?”

“My staff have really worked hard this year and I want to reward them with a fun-filled ‘Team thank you’ Day. Can you arrange something for us?”

“I know that business can be picked up at Networking Events, but I’m really uncomfortable around people I don’t know. What options do I have?”

“I think my Team could benefit from some Training, but it must be tailored to our organisational needs.”

Wouldn’t it be easy if you could pick up the phone and just contact one person to help with any of the above dilemmas? Well, the good news is that you can!

The Skills Portfolio offers advice, practical help and support in the following areas:-

Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Tailored Training, Event Organisation and Management, Public/Private Sector Work, Facilitation and Networking, Effective Exhibitions, Public Speaking and Life Coaching.

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