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Business Advancement - Free of Charge Initial Consultation

There are many people out there, offering a variety of skills and experience. How do you choose who to contact? Well, of course, it’s a very personal thing. Someone may sound brilliant on paper and have a state of the art website, but when you meet them, they may well rub you up the wrong way within minutes. This would not lead to a very fruitful relationship.

Business is about relationships and you know within seconds of meeting someone, whether you are going to be able to establish a good rapport.

I offer my initial consultation, not only to listen to your needs and explain what I can offer you to meet those needs, but also to see whether we can establish a good rapport. For this reason, I prefer, where possible, for the consultation to be ‘face to face’, rather than on the phone. It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the size and complexity of your ‘needs’.

To book your initial consultation, please ring me on 01452 618899 / 07974 771746 or contact me by email



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