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Business Advancement - Background

I have over 20 years experience of developing a variety of small and medium sized enterprises, including businesses, companies, community groups, non-profit making organisations and charities.

Most of this experience was gained in Senior Management Roles, however, in 2004 I made the decision to start my own Consultancy, offering small and medium sized organisations the opportunity to buy into my skill set. Some request Business Coaching, to help them focus on the direction they are heading towards, whilst others prefer to tap into my Skills Portfolio, using my expertise within their own organisations.

I very much believe in valuing and rewarding employees (not necessarily in monetary terms) and that when people feel valued they perform better. As a qualified Life Coach, I often witness the upturn in performance from motivated individuals, both in the work place and on a more personal basis. I do not believe it is always possible for a Team Leader/Manager to ‘Coach’ his Team effectively. Coaching needs to be done objectively and is much more successful when carried out by someone from outside the organisation.

People matter to me and to the Organisations with whom I work. I choose not to work with those who seek profit with little regard to the welfare of their workforce.

Those who do care about their employees and want to help them achieve ‘work-life balance’, often call upon my Life Coaching skills, asking me to work on a ‘one to one’ basis with individual members of staff. This work is totally confidential and results cannot be fed back to the employer.

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